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WH 5301
WA 2081
WH 3081
Kestrel Series

The most accurate and reliable hand-held weather devices, you might find a weather meter that is a little less expensive, but you won't find one that works better and more reliable!
You’ll never believe how handy a Kestrel Meter is! And the list of applications keeps growing! From Marine and Boating, Military, Hunting, Firefighters, Rescue Services, Scientific, Education and Agriculture, a Kestrel Meter is the ideal companion. With thirteen different Kestrels to choose from, you can bet there’s a Kestrel Meter with the specific features for each and every application.

We offer wireless and cabled weather stations for weather reporting that can be used in-homes, schools and colleges, desert camps and more, to measure barometric pressure, temperature, humidity, rainfall, wind speed and direction. These are solar powered which eliminates dependency on power! You'll get highs and lows (and/or totals or averages) for virtually all weather variables for the last 1-hour, 24-hour, one week, one month and total since last reset—all without a PC.
With a free software, data can be collected and stored on your computer for future data evaluation.
Handheld Portable Weather Stations
Kestrel 1000
Kestrel 3000
Kestrel 3500
Kestrel 4000
Kestrel 4500NV
Kestrel Interface
Kestrel Tripod & Vane Mount
Ambient WH 1081
WA 2081
WH 3081 Pro Weather
WH 5301
Fixed Marine Anemometers
walker 2050
The Walker 2050 uses a Combined Anemometer Cup & Vane Direction Sensor, the P296

This gives high accuracy in a robust compact package!
The Sensor connects directly to a standard Walker DIN 144 wind speed & direction indicator, the P249, which gives digital displays of relative wind speed & direction. Wind direction is also displayed on a simulated analogue display by 72 LEDs.
True wind systems are available by using this sensor with the Walker P1066 True Wind Interface Unit.

Model 05106
RM Young - Wind Monitor MA Model 05106 / Model 06260 Display Unit
Accurate and reliable wind sensor specifically designed for the rigors of the marine environment .

The wind speed sensor is a four blade helicoid propeller. Unique transducer produces a pulse signal without electrical contacts or slip rings. The wind direction sensor is a durable molded vane. Vane angle is sensed by a precision potentiometer housed in a sealed chamber. Wind speed is displayed in your choice of units: KNOTS, MPH, KM/H, M/S. Wind direction information is clearly displayed on a circular pattern of LEDs. Bold front panel graphics give a quick indication of wind angle relative to vessel heading. Alarms for both wind speed and wind direction are included. The Marine Wind Tracker is very compact for easy mounting on vertical bulkheads or consoles. Model 06260 Protective enclosure offers extra protection for wet or dusty locations.

All New HP 2000 Series