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Safety and Survival for the Commercial Fishing Industry
Your crew needs vital training before boarding your vessel. Educate them on lifesaving tactics so they're ready to act when needed.
Man Overboard!
Limit the chance of your crew members falling overboard and how long it takes to get them out of the water with realistic drilling and our new program.
Environmental Awareness
Keep up to date on the latest policies regarding maritime environmental stewardship. Learn simple everyday tasks that minimize your ship's impact.
Lockout Tagout
Best practices save lives. Keep hazardous energy isolated by learning proper procedures. Ensure the safety of your crew.
Basic Firefighting:
Lives on the LineThe best time to train your crew on firefighting is before a fire occurs on your vessel. Learn the basics with this visually stunning DVD.
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   Training Video Categories
  • Bridge Resource Management
  • Cargo Handling & Stowage
  • Deck Operations
  • Emergency Procedures
  • Engineering
  • Environment & MARPOL
  • Firefighting
  • First Aid & Galley & Health
  • HR & Familiarization
  • ISM Code & Risk Management
  • Lifeboats & Survival at Sea
  • Personal Safety
  • Security & ISPS
Maritime Safety Series Packages
The ultimate training library to enhance your safety.

Starter Package
Build a solid foundation. Affordable and popular.

ISPS Code Series
Ideal for any DPA / CSO tasked with improving a company security plan.

Top Selling New Releases
Get the newest releases from MTS and SAVE.

Animation Series
Animated training videos use cutting edge computer generated graphics to educate your crew.

Crew Endurance Mgmt System
Provide the framework to implement a high quality CEMS program.

Effective Communication
Includes 3 DVDs, a 200 page instructional guide book and a 300 phrase audio builder.

Enclosed Space Entry Series
Three DVDs and one guidebook offer complete coverage of what you need to know about enclosed space entry.

Glow in the Dark Signs
Top 10 most popular

Maritime Code Collection
Includes the new STCW 2011 Edition

Passenger Ship Fire and Safety
Great for passenger ship crew firefighting training.

Security NOW! Collection
Complete 5-DVD set of the ship security guide to ISPS.

Security Search Techniques
Everything you need to train your crew on security search techniques.

USA Vessel Signs
15 popular signs for USA flag vessels. Includes important emergency contact info.

Tips from our training films

When you're in a high risk area station additional lookouts and always cover 360 degrees. Use night vision equipment
On Board Our Videos Cater To All Nationalities