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Class Approved Signalling and Communication Equipment for the Maritime Industry.

- Internal communication systems
- Navigation Instruments
- Magnetic Compasses and Binnacles: BSH, Bureau Veritas, USCG
- Navigation Lights and Control Panels: Det Norske Veritas (DNV)
- Fog Horns: Det Norske Veritas (DNV)
Magnetic Compasses and Binnacles

Desk Binnacle Mini-Hansita - Suitable for coastal vessels and other small sea going vessels.
Gimbaled “Consemi” magnetic compass with 125 mm diameter of the card, mounted in the Mini-Hansita binnacle on the bride console providing the helmsman with direct view of the compass card.

Hansita II-WM - is a binnacle for sea going commercial vessels.
Suitable for use with Transmitting Magnetic Compass equipment (TMC) to operate magnetic compass repeaters, off-course alarms, gyro back up and other outputs to navigation equipment.

Desk Steering Compass Descom - Geomar Desk Steering Compasses are magnetic compasses for desk/console, used for coastal navigation. The compasses are held by 2 non magentic, bronze made brackets.

Overhead Compass Sotecom - Fully gimbaled magnetic compass with magnifier and rotatable reflection mirror providing a comfortable reading from the helmsman position.
Navigation Lights and Control Panels

- Touch Screen Control Panel for Navigation Lights
The control panel switches and monitors traditional incandescent lights.

- Control Panel for Navigation Lights
Versatile, easy to use control system for navigation and signaling lights

- Oceanic Single & Double Deck Navigation Light
DNV Approved, Fully resistant to sea environment. Non magnetic. Integrated terminal box on every light
On Board Communication System

- Self-powered telephone
- Self-powered telephone with amplifier
- Headphones with microphone and amplifier
- Watertight Self-powered telephone
- Watertight Sound-powered telephone
- Relay box
- Automatic telephone
- Automatic telephone with watertight box
Fog Horns

- Fully compliant with IMO Regulations (1972)
- Electrically powered piston horn certified for vessels of 75 to 200 meters.
- Suitable for vessels with lengths between 20 and 75 meters.
- Suitable for vessel working in explosive atmospheres.
- Air horn ruggedly constructed to withstand the most severe sea environment using the best seawater, non-corrosive materials. It has a heating thermostatically controlled for navigation in polar areas.
- Type approved by Det Norske Veritas (DNV)
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