The Lock Alarm Mini is your ideal travel companion, helping safeguard your items and ensuring your trip does not get spoiled.

• Small portable size - 8.5 x 6 x 2.5cm (3.5" x 2.5" x 1")
• Cable extends up to 60cm (24") in length
• The 2mm (1/12") diameter cable is plastic coated to avoid scratches to your possessions
• Flashing LED
• 3 digit 'programmable' combination code
• 100 Decibel Siren
• Alarm sounds if the cable is cut
• Movement sensor can be set so the alarm will also sound if the lock is moved
• Suitable for indoor and very occasional outdoor use
• Secures a laptop computer using the computer slot adapter
• Low battery indicator
• Batteries fit inside a tamper proof compartment
Cable Lock Alarms for Securing Camping Gear, and Oversized Personal Possession

• Flashing LED deterrent
• 1.35m (4ft) long cable – 8mm (1/3") diameter
• Cable is plastic coated to avoid scratching your valuables
• Cable stores neatly around lock unit when not in use
• 120 Decibel Siren
• Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
• Brackets enable main lock unit to be attached to a wall, post, side of vehicle, or directly to bicycles or machinery
• Requires 1 x 9 volt battery - fits inside a tamper proof compartment
• Dimensions: 14cm x 7.5cm x 5cm  (5.5" x 3" x 2")
• Weight: 420g (15oz)
Lock Alarm . . . Lock it! Alarm it!
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In recent years security has become a very high profile issue. Theft is generally on the increase worldwide and demand for effective affordable security is extremely strong. The Lock Alarm products have been designed with this in mind and provide an intelligent security solution for a wide range of common applications. A Lock Alarm is different as it has an ear piercing alarm. Attempting to cut through the lock starts the alarm screaming, attracting attention and scaring away the potential thief. According to Police and other law enforcement agencies noise is the best deterrent against crime.
Lock Alarm Padlocks - Secure your Homes and Businesses.
  • Alarm sounds if the shackle is cut
  • Shock sensor detects if lock casing is being attacked
  • Flashing LED to warn off thieves
  • Ultra hard zinc lock casing
  • High security key and lock cylinder
  • 100 Decibel Siren
  • Weatherproof
Steel Wire & Disk Lock Alarms
  • Ideal for securing bicycles, motorcycles, ATV's, garden machinery, and boats etc. from theft.
  • Ultra hard steel cable covered by armoured steel links and a protective vinyl sleeve
  • Flashing LED deterrent
  • Steel lock casing
  • High security key and lock cylinder
  • 110 Decibel Siren
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use